2019 Projects Funded

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Anchorage, AKAirport Heights Elementary SchoolThe Missing Piece: Fine Motor Tasks for Students with Disabilities$63915
  Focus Attention and Listen$3576
  I Can Hear It!$3635
  What’s Gonna Work? Teamwork!$2104
 Alaska Native Cultural Charter SchoolBuilding Skills in Cross Hatching and Pointallism$2555
  Daily 5 Starter Pack$6649
 Bartlett High SchoolThe World Beyond Alaska$2,45875
 Campbell STEM Elementary SchoolBins for Books$2906
  Staying Organized and Keeping Track of Time in First Grade!$2517
 Chester Valley Elementary SchoolStudents in Smocks$2907
 Chinook Elementary SchoolBone, Lunch Lady, Babymouse and More!$59218
 College Gate Elementary SchoolArtful Combination: Kindergartners and Community Service$5633
  2nd Grade Military Kids Need Help to Become Communicators$71928
  Books As Maps To Global Understanding$59612
  Exploring Diversity Through Art and Culture$59813
  Let’s Make It Multicultural$59816
  Making Friends From All Over The World$59614
  Exciting STEM Studies Are Hatching Here$4897
  Will You Help Us? We Need a Chromebook!$50310
 Creekside Park Elementary SchoolCommunication Is Key!$74519
  A Table to Help Our Struggling Learners$4768
 East High SchoolPlay it, Chamber Music and Solo Repertoire for All.$73016
 Kasuun Elementary SchoolGetting Active and Enjoying the Outdoors!$93538
 Lake Otis Elementary SchoolMulticultural Book Section for Library in Alaska$55519
 McLaughlin Secondary SchoolSpin to Win$2,41436
 Northwood ABC SchoolPreK Readers Future Leaders!$4024
 Rogers Park Elementary SchoolAttention to Articles$4442
  Brain Games & Puzzle Power$26311
  Collaboration with Cubelets!$99917
 Romig Middle SchoolAlaska 11/30 Earthquake Help$1,10028
 Scenic Park Elementary SchoolSeating for Reading!$99533
 Spring Hill Elementary SchoolBasic School Supplies to Provide an EXTRAordinary School Experience!$46015
  Beginner Chapter Books for Growing Readers$1924
  Flexible Seating for Diverse and Inclusive Teaching Part 2$59717
  Learning Teamwork Through Engineering!$3472
  More Chapter Books for Growing Readers$1951
  STEM: Bridges, Castles, Houses: Lets Build With Magnets!$3515
  Team Work Makes the Dream Work$4607
  Today’s Readers, Tomorrow’s Leaders$3472
  Wellness Supplies for Strong, Healthy Students$21310
 Trailside Elementary SchoolBooks Build Better Readers$53618
 Willow Crest Elementary SchoolLet Their Voices Be Heard!$1722
Bethel, AKGladys Jung Elementary SchoolEat Your Veggies$95823
Big Lake, AKBig Lake Elementary SchoolCraving Creativity Through Building and Science$5988
  Emergency Preparedness Classroom Kits$68724
  I See A Food Chain in the Sea$1,82753
  Real Application of our Learning$60510
Chugiak, AKChugiak Elementary SchoolCommunity Coding With LEGOS$31411
  Creative Coding With LEGOS$3294
  Exploring Flexible Seating$2016
 Gruening Middle School @ Chugiak HighNov. 30th 7.0 Earthquake!!!$2,39845
  Percussion Toys for Middle School Girls and Boys 4$3751
 Mirror Lake Middle SchoolDressed to Play!$1,18935
  Finding Traction Without Snow!$97920
Clarksville, OHClinton-Massie Elementary SchoolSphero Robots and Iditarod Sleds$3069
Craig, AKCraig High SchoolGrowing Passionate Musicians$64223
Delta Jct, AKDelta Junction Elementary SchoolScholastic Magazines for 4th Grade!$3928
Emmonak, AKEmmonak SchoolCreative Arts – Class Supplies$64122
Fairbanks, AKDenali Elementary SchoolFull STEAM Ahead!$2887
 Ladd Elementary SchoolMeeting Students’ Needs$3964
 Two Rivers SchoolThe Leader in Me$5197
Gakona, AKSlana SchoolResearch Projects to Bulletin Boards: Cricut Makes It Better$65419
Grayling, AKDavid-Louis Memorial SchoolAunt Phil’s Trunk Needs a Home in Grayling, Alaska$83417
  Can We Talk?$74320
  Explorers and Developers of the World$2827
  SOS! First Generation Ipads Are in Distress!$93216
  SOS! First Generation iPads Are in Distress! iPad #3$4983
  Greens! They’re What’s Good For You!$66811
  STEM Fairy Tale Kits$66227
Houston, AKHouston High SchoolGym Equipment for Alaska Earthquake Shaken School$1,56227
JBER (Joint Base Elmendorf-Richardson), AKAurora Elementary SchoolIce Skates for Military Students$8488
 Ursa Major Elementary SchoolOpening Opportunities for Success$1,2084
  Spread Love, Not Germs$46912
  Sunshine Takes the Blues Away$53211
Juneau, AKThunder Mountain High SchoolSurface Pens for Math Instruction$2015
Kenai, AKNikiski North Star Elementary SchooliPad Technology in Music$2,26643
Ketchikan, AKFawn Mountain Elementary SchoolLife Cycle of Chickens$1936
 Point Higgins SchoolA Little Privacy Please!$50821
 Whale Pass SchoolKids That Fish Protect Their Rivers!$2,42768
King Cove, AKKing Cove SchoolInspiring the Next Generation of STEAM Leaders$84222
Mission, TXLloyd M Bentsen Elementary SchoolAn iPad a Day Will Help Creative Minds Play Pt.9$51315
Nenana, AKNenana City Public School3D Printing and App Making Skills to Help Others$1,2482
  Pro Students Need a Surface Go$6923
Nome, AKNome Elementary SchoolComfy Reading Center$73633
  More to Fit? They Need Somewhere to Sit!$1,31250
  Organized Work Area$2,09564
  Students Learn to Throw Their Voice!$2773
  Whole Group Learning Carpet & Easel$77325
North Pole, AKNorth Pole High SchoolActive Seating for My Classroom$3146
 Ticasuk Brown Elementary SchoolTechnology Can Make Learning Fun for Everyone$64410
Palmer, AKColony Middle SchoolInteractive Classroom Supplies$49110
 Pioneer Peak Elementary SchoolIndoor Play Opportunities$2,63770
Point Hope, AKTikigaq SchoolI Wet My Plants: A Middle School Journey in Growing$4315
Saluda, SCSaluda Primary SchoolBooks, Books, Books!$2847
Sand Point, AKSand Point SchoolGilly, Poppy… Novels$64010
  Great Reading Leads to Great Writing$5468
Sitka, AKBlatchley Middle SchoolReading Rules The School$44612
  Science Lab Tables$58613
 Keet Gooshi Heen Elementary SchoolCreating Alaska VR Experiences$4967
Takotna, AKTakotna Community SchoolSeating For Success!$56420
Thorne Bay, AKThorne Bay SchoolBuilding with your Hands Builds Confidence$85111
Tok, AKTetlin SchoolLike a Bookmobile$6834
  Little Artists$97339
 Tok SchoolHere We Come, Costa Rica!$4,836114
  We Want to Do Native Beading$26413
  Peterson Bay Field Trip$5,003153
  Spring Gardening Here We Come$46013
Trafford, PATrafford Elementary SchoolPAWS for Reading and Helping$57313
Utqiagvik, AKEben Hopson Memorial Middle SchoolContemporary Speakers for Contemporary Dance$3839
  Relax and Read!$1,00222
Wasilla, AKMat-SU Day SchoolSkills for a Lifetime of Happiness$58316
 Meadow Lakes Elementary SchoolGet Your Wiggles Out!$1,59545
 Ron Larson Elementary SchoolSelf-Regulation Toolbox in Need of Repairs!$3275
 Teeland Middle SchoolIncentives for Impressive Learners!$3053
  Project Sandwich – Quarter 4 Countdown$77312
  Project Sandwich – Spring Snack Sacks$75240
  Project Sandwich – A Summer Stash$1,14243
 Wasilla Middle SchoolTracking Future Earthquakes$5221

GoFundMe Projects

Nikolai, AKThe original project – Nikolai 4th Grade Trip$7,107281
Traditional Crafts$1,81862
McGrath, AKAnchorage 4th Grade Trip$5,509162
Grayling, AKiPads For My K-2 Classroom$3,51195
Takotna, AKAnchorage We Here Come$4,000127