Igivearod 2020 Kickoff

#igivearod 2020 is now live, and you can join in the action!

Here are some important links:

The original #igivearod2019 was spontaneously born out of bleral Uglydog energy and boundless goodwill.

In 2020, while Quince makes his rookie Iditarod run, we seek for that goodwill to continue for rural Alaskan schools and local organizations. In conjunction with Quince, a carefully vetted selection of projects were gathered from a combination of previous fundraising efforts and local recommendations.

These projects are intended to align with the Iditarod and Igivearod goals of honoring Native Alaskan traditions such as mushing as well as support Native-led organizations, education, and social justice in the Arctic. See more info here.

While this #igivearod2020 has combined efforts with BraverMountain and generous locals in Alaska to establish target projects, as always, you don’t need to be an UglyDog to donate, and donations are never mandatory to be a part of the UglyDog community! There are a variety of non-monetary ways to participate in Igivearod if you’re so inclined. In fact we have a whole page of them, and we welcome further ideas.

In addition to the resources here, we also have an online collaborative spreadsheet where pledgers can note their donations and where we can keep track of some of the other goodness done in the spirit of hundreds of kindred canine spirits, sprinting toward Nome.

iditarod route map