Remote (internet) Ideas

REMOTE (internet) IDEAS

  • MusherGrams! Each year, volunteers in Alaska collect messages of support for the mushers and hand write them to send along the trail to checkpoints for the musher to read. Mushergrams can be called in at 907-248-6874 (there is no more online form).
  • You could help us with providing transcriptions of Iditapod, or any other relevant audio/visual media. Or the reverse, provide audio recordings of text articles. See an ongoing list here, and reach out to help!
  • Volunteer to assist with a hotline. Not all require a big commitment. See here for some ideas.
  • Some small steps you can do right here in your browser are to enroll in Tab for a Cause, which raises money for charities every time you open a new tab on your web browser, and use Amazon Smile if you shop at Amazon.
  • Research! We hope to put together some information and interesting stories about communities along the trail for posting updates as Q makes his way toward Nome. We’d always welcome assistance with that.
  • Spread joy with information, graphic design, meme creation, creative writing, etc — last year we organized letter writing to kids in Alaskan schools and are looking to repeat this year.
  • Donate a pizza to a hungry Iditarod musher,