Mapping the Trail

In addition to the many causes and schools and art exchanges and letter writing and everything else the wonderful and eclectic UglyDogs community gets its paws into, Quince Mountain and Blair Braverman are hoping to create a collaborative video/imagery/mapping project! 

Quince will be trekking along portions of the Iditarod Historic Trail with a 360º camera to make seeing the trail a more shared experience for everyone, no matter where you are located in the world.

And Blair and Quince do mean collaborative! They expect some technical and photographic questions and support needs to emerge organically as Q ventures out into the wilderness with a camera where he has has no idea what conditions he and his camera will face!

In addition to any technical knowledge people can lend (stay tuned!), we’re also linking to the BraverMountain donation PayPal site, if people would like to help contribute to offsetting the camera rental costs and Q’s trail expenses. It’s Mountain Dogs Racing under the email at PayPal, or you can use this direct link.

Blar and Q are not completely positive this will work, but when has that ever stopped them?! No matter what happens, they’ll make the best of whatever intact photos or videos Q is able to escape the cold with and create a truly incredible group project.